Rhiana, the bathing beauty…sort of.

June 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Doc G (my fabulous OB-GYN) has been encouraging me since my very first visit, to “get in the pool.”  Given that getting into the pool requires a bathing suit, I put it off.  At every monthly visit, she’d ask me “Been gettin’ in the pool?”  I’d scrunch up my face and shake my head no.  The hus would give me the look.  I knew I couldn’t keep putting the pool off forever but I sure was going to try. 

This morning, over tea, the hus told me that I really needed to get in the pool.  He reminded me about how good I would feel once I got there and how much it would help me in labour.  His beautiful brown eyes were pleading with me.  I caved.

Today on my lunch hour I embarked on the errand a lot of pregnant ladies loathe: bathing suit shopping.  I went to the Bay because I needed a place with (a.) a lot of selection and (b.) bad service so the suits and I could battle it out uninterrupted.  I took about half dozen black (of course) bottoms in with me and another half dozen patterned tops.  I also threw in a one piece halter suit with a little skirt.  I started with what I thought offered the most promise- the two pieces.  Had it in my mind that they would break up the mass of my mid-section.  They weren’t bad…which was surprising.  Even more surprising?  The little halter one-piece?  Super cute!  Mind you, I only looked long enough (read: 5 seconds, tops) to log the ego damage in the full-length mirror and the fluorescent lights but still!  I looked cute!!

After work I was collected by the hus and driven to my first aquafit class at the Y.  After changing and showering, I headed for the pool and joined my group.  The pool was warm and I was welcomed with big smiles and even a belly pat from a delightful lady who had some of the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.  We bobbed around and stretched and plied together.  And, most importantly for me, we laughed and laughed and laughed (particularly when I went the wrong way in an exercise and almost knocked our instructor clear over).  It was absolutely fantastic and I can hardly wait for my next aquafit adventure on Sunday morning.

So kids, the moral of the story is… do what your really smart Doc and hus tell you!  Ok back to So You Think You Can Dance.  Don’t judge me.


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