Fur babies vs. real babies

January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi all.  In perusing my blog posts of the past, I realized I hadn’t updated you on this one where I was trying to rehome my beautiful kitty Feather.  Well, Feather found a new home with the lady we called P and she says he loves nothing more than to curl up with her in her lazy boy while she watches the tellie or does some work on her computer.  How I love to hear this!  Warms my heart to hear that my Feather boy is happy in his new life.  He probably doesn’t even remember me.  Sniff sniff.

So in that old post, I also mentioned a kitty called Pauline.  Here’s a picture of her little self.  Pauline is a much more laid back beast than her pal Feather was and so I presumed that even with our Nadi on the way, we’d be able to keep Pauline and that she and Nadi could eventually be friends!

Um… they could be friends if Pauline didn’t routinely wake baby Nadi from her slumber!  Or smack at her jerky hands and legs while she plays.  Or hide under Nadi’s crib just before I’m about to put her down to sleep at night.  Or chew on Nadi’s slippers and hide them in her lair (behind our living room chair).  I’m constantly saying “No Pauline!” and “Get off Pauline!” and “Go away Pauline!!!”  I’m at my wits end with my fur baby.  I don’t think I’m a good mother to both my fur baby and my real baby.  Fur baby versus real baby?  Real baby wins hands down of course.

So on the hunt I went for a new home for our Pauline.  I posted this ad and have had two visitors and over a dozen inquiries about our girl.  In fact, I have a lady, we’ll call her N, coming in about half hour.  Pauline is being super clingy right now and I’m wondering if she knows what is happening.

In many ways, this situation makes me feel sad.  I’m losing a little creature that has been my friend for almost 4 years.  She’s cuddled with me in bed when I was sick.  She makes me laugh when she tosses her furry mice up in the air and loses them in the plants.  She’s kind and cuddly with any company we have.  She’s just a lovely little cat.  Our lives have just become so focused on Nadi that I just don’t have much energy left over for poor Pauline at the end of the day.  It’s really hard to admit this but… I don’t want the added responsibility of caring for another being right now.  I’m cared out.  😦

So wish us luck everyone…


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