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February 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Morning.  Let me preface this post by saying that it is being composed on VERY little sleep.  Might be able to add ridiculous to random and ramblings by the time I’m done here.

Coupla new things in Nadiworld just now.

1.  Her Daddy is leaving tomorrow for THREE WEEKS.  Nadi and I have never been alone in Nadiworld together for this long.  Pray for us.  Oh and said Daddy is sick with a cold so Nadi is experiencing her first indirect cold.  Every cough scares her right now, which is both a reminder of how new she still is and super cute.

2.  Nadi likes her soother!  Not any of the expensive natural rubber soothers we bought for her though of course or the dozen other silicon versions we’ve tried but the hand-me-down soother my girlfriend E gave me after her son K was finished with it.  Yesterday as we were cruising in the car, Miss Nadi was exhausted and started to cry (the only way she can get to sleep on her own thusfar, sigh).  I popped the soother in her mouth almost as a joke b/c she’s only ever spit it clear across the room and to my surprise and delight, she started sucking on it and would have gone to sleep quietly if we hadn’t of arrived home just in time to interrupt her.  Boo.

3.  If you’ve read my blog or know Nadi and I personally, you’ll know that she’s been quite a good nite sleeper so far.  She’s goes to bed at 7PM and up until two weeks ago, she would wake up once (if all at all) to eat in the nite and slept 10-11 hours in total.  Two weeks ago, she started waking an additional time, so we’d be up at around 12:30AM and then again around 3:30AM.  She’d be genuinely hungry at one of these feedings and would lollygag around on the other.  I consider myself lucky as I know some Mommas who are still up 4+ times per night with their little chickens.

Last night though, was our first not-so-good night since Nadi was a newborn.  She was up at 10PM and despite nursing her, rocking her and trying the soother, she would not stay asleep in her crib.  Finally after 2 1/2 hours of multiple pu/pd attempts, I succumbed and brought her into bed with me.  She slept 2 hours.  I nursed her, rocked her and tried the soother.  Still, Miss Nadi was super difficult to settle.  Finally at 4 she fell asleep and I crept out of her room to enjoy the 3 1/2 hours of undisturbed sleep I got last night.  Yawn.  (Note: Sorry to those Mommas who think that sounds like a lot.)

She’s drooling a lot.  She’s sucking on everything in sight.  But she’s always done these things so I’m not sure if it’s teeth coming or if she was unsettled because Daddy is getting ready to leave and she senses that or if it was just a one-off.  I’m hoping for the latter.  Again, pray for us.

Ok b/c of last night’s unfortunate sleep, my Nadi needs a nap now so I’m going to lay down with her.  See y’all on the other side.  Peace.


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