Hi all.

I just read a cool new Mommy Blog.  The author’s About Me section had a list of 101 random facts about her.  I really liked reading that randomness so here’s more than you ever wanted to know about me.

1.  My life completely changed when my daughter Nadia was born in September 2010.

2.  I became a happily married woman in March of 2009.

3.  We went to Salt Spring Island for our honeymoon and stayed here.  I highly recommend it and the owners are the loveliest.

4. I have a cat.

5.  Her name is Pauline.  She’s annoying.

6.  My beloved Gramma’s name was Pauline.  Grams was not annoying.

7.  I grew up in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada.  It is a wonderful place to have a family vacation and gets really, really hot in the summer months.  Like over 40 degrees Celsius hot.  Wow!

8.  I am Canadian and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Ok, I have fantasized about living in the UK on occasion.  In a stone cottage.  In the Lake District.

9.  My daughter typically sleeps well at night and really really really doesn’t like daytime naps.

10.  I have coloured my hair for 15 years and am now letting it return to its natural colour.

11.  I hate answering and talking on the phone.

12.  I love roses- the smell, the look, the everything.

13.  I am an only child.  I think my extreme colic had something to do with this.

14.  I had a yellow blankie until it went ‘missing’ when I was 6.

15.  I love to shop but never for myself since finding out I was pregnant in January of 2009.  I wear the same thing every day and Nadi doesn’t mind.

16.  I work for a provincial government agency.  I have to go back to the office in August 2011.  That is all I can say about that without crying.

17.  I love Birkenstocks and have three pairs.

18.  Toile is my favourite pattern.


19.  I turned 30 in March.

20.  I love white bread and white rice and cake.  I won’t ever be really slim.  I’m ok with that.

21.  My favourite colour is purple.

22.  I love wallpaper.

23.  My wardrobe is sad and needs colour.

24.  I really want to see the following places before I die: Prague, Paris, the Greek Islands, Italy, Turkey, Damascus and… North and South Carolina.

25.  I drive a Mazda Tribute and love it.

26.  I love my VISA.  It gives me 2% cash back on everything I buy!

27.  I am in love with Salt Spring Island Coffee.  Try it.

28.  I shop at Costco.

29.  I hate jeans despite that I have like 10 pairs.

30.  Comfort always wins out over style in my books.

31.  I have very few pairs of heels.

32.  I’ve always dreamt of being a published author.

33.  I live on Vancouver Island.  It’s pretty here.  And warm in the winter.

34.  My baby just woke up from her nap.  She’s pissed b/c she realized I tricked her into sleeping.  Pause.

35.  I’m back.  Is in the process of trying to teach her daughter to fall asleep on her own.  Really.  Hard.

36.  My back hurts today from rocking my baby for an hour last night to get her to sleep.  See #35.

37. I was in labour for 8 hours.  I did it drug-free.  I will never look at myself the same way again.

38.  I have lived in the following places since I was born: Lethbridge (AB), Kelowna, Vancouver, Peace River (AB), Oliver, Osoyoos, Alert Bay, Chemainus, Victoria, Thompson (MB) and Toronto.  That is 11 places.  I’m 30.  That is a move every 2.72 years.  Baby woke up again.  Pause.

39.  Back again.  Have tried everything to get baby to sleep during day.  Nurse her in a chair.  Nurse her on the ball.  Rock her upright.  Rock her in a cradle position.  Let her cry while sitting next to her (torture).  Pick her up, comfort her and put her back down (repeat x 200).  Go in put hand on chest and shhhhh her and leave (repeat every 5 minutes for 30).  Shhhh from the door.  Play music.  Sing music.  Put the dryer on.  Run the vacuum.  Talk to her.  Don’t talk to her.  Cry with her.  Dance with her.  Dance for her.  Tell a joke (jk).  Everything.  Sometimes all for the same 45 minute nap!

Baby won the nap draw today.  List TBC…

40.  I’m back.  Again.  Um… where was I… oh yeah, random facts… before my government job, I worked up North selling polar bear trips.  It was probably one of the best jobs I’ll ever have.  I miss it and the people a lot.

41.  Loves the Rockabye Baby Series of CDs.  Highly recommend them.  The Elvis one is my personal fave.

42.  Gained 30lbs while pregnant with my daughter and lost it all within the first month.  Was a bit chubby to start with though so am trying to lose another 20lbs or so.  (See #20.  Eeek.)

43.  Has a serious weakness for most shows on Slice.  Don’t judge.  My fave’s Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Millionaire Matchmaker and… The Real Housewives of New York.  LOL!

44.  Has a BA in Sociology and a MA in Communications.

45.  We rent the house we live in in Victoria.  Interesting choice we made- nice place in general but REALLY creaky floors (major obstacle for creeping out of baby’s room and down the hall when she’s finally asleep), train goes by at 8AM and 6PM every day and worst of all, no bathtub!  What were we thinking??!!

46.  I look forward to getting up every morning.

47.  Gotta take the babe for a walk so she’ll sleep.  LOL.  List TBC… again.


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