Cold, cold go away…

May 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Ok I’m going to whine. I have a nasty cold. I’m on a work trip. I miss my hus and my bed and my cats.  Ok, I’m done now.

Seriously though, I was reading Kate from Boston’s blog the other day (which I love and highly recommend by the way) and noticed she’s also under the weather and put a call out for any advice on safe-for-pregnant-ladies remedies for colds/flus? If you have any, comment here or on Kate’s blog.  The sick pregnant women of the world are counting on you!

On a positive note, all the coughing I’ve been doing has got my little girl moving a lot more than usual in the last day. I’m probably routinely waking her up just as she drifts off as her kicks do seem to be a bit more “Mama, you’re bugging me” than her usual “Mama, I need to turn over/do a somersault/stretch my arms and legs/etc.”

Being away from home is hard, especially when you’re sick and pregnant. Anyone have any great coping strategies? Other than over-eating and shopping (and while I’m sure I gained a pound from those perogies last night and got a cute shirt of out of it, I’m still winging for home)?


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